Timeline10448435_1063597717000065_7875204740417316592_oOwner, Aaron Stapleton, began building race cars as a hobby in 1987.  He started out working on his own ’69 Camaro, doing modifications to the motor… Fast Forward (no pun intended) to present day, launching Fast Forward Race Cars Engine Division, where we are building bad a$$ custom race car engines plus our chassis!!! We are officially your official one stop shop for horse power and hook!

Back in ’87 Aaron quickly learned that increasing horsepower didn’t make the car as fast as he thought it would.  Stapleton discovered that the problem was traction.  He started designing his own traction bars and other traction devices to make the car gain speed.  This trial and error was loaded with successes and failures.

Stapleton, who’s nick-name on the racing arena is “Shark”, learned the importance of sprung weight, un-sprung weight, weight transfer, instant center and center of gravity.  After studying engineering, he began working on friends’ and local racers’ cars honing his design and welding skills.  In 1997, Stapleton built his own race car, a ’93 Mustang, to be raced in the NCMA in Super Street Class. While working a full-time job, no sponsorship, along with self-financing, the Mustang turned out stellar.  Stapleton’s quality and craftsmanship are second to none.

While still employed as an engineer, Stapleton started Fast Forward Race Cars in the early-90s out of a 2-car garage. FFRC has developed a reputation for building fast race cars. In 2004, Stapleton expanded to a 2000 sq. ft. facility in Plainfield, IL.  In addition to chassis jig, milling machines, engine lathes, numerous welding machines, tubing benders, plasma cutters and thousands of feet of tubing inventory.  Plus as stated early Fast Forward Race cars recently added our state of the art FFRC Engine Division.

Many of their cars have broken records and won championships.  Be sure to check out our FFRC Winner’s Circle and our FFRC Legends!  Although we are known for building “door slammers,” we build everything from top sportsman to Prostock. Rest assured, no matter what level of drag racing you are in, Fast Forward Race Cars will build your car to the highest level of quality possible.