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Aaron Stapleton

Having a passion for cars and racing, Aaron Stapleton began building race cars as a hobby in 1987. He started out working on his own 1969 Camaro, doing modifications to the motor. Quickly he learned that increasing horsepower didn't make the car as fast as he thought it would. He discovered that the problem was traction. This is where it all began. When taking metal shop class in high school, Aaron found that he had a great interest in welding & fabrication. Later, he started designing his own traction bars and other traction devices to make the car go faster. Some designs worked, others didn't.

 This is where he learned the importance of sprung weight, unsprung weight, weight transfer, instant center, and center of gravity. Aaron attended a local community college to study engineering. After learning the technical aspects, he worked on friends' and local racers' cars honing his design and welding skills. In 1997, he decided to take what he had learned and build himself a new racecar. The car of choice was a 1993 Mustang. The Mustang was to be raced in the NCMA Organization in the Super Street Class. Despite the fact that Aaron worked a full-time job, had no sponsorship, and financed the project himself, the Mustang turned out excellent. The car took 3 years to complete, but was well worth the wait. The quality and craftsmanship was second to none.

When the Mustang made its debut in Rockingham, NC in 2000, all eyes were on it. Other racers and spectators were in awe over the state of the art chassis and the overall flawlessness of the car. The Mustang ran an impressive first pass of 8:56 sec @ 167 mph. Ultimately, the car entered the coveted 7 second zone with a time of 7:95 sec. @ 174 mph. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that this was done on 10" wide tires.


While still employed as an engineer, Aaron started FAST FORWARD WELDING in the early-90s out of a 2-car garage. He incorporated the business in 1998. After developing a reputation for building fast racecars, a substantial customer base was soon to follow. In 2004, he decided to devote himself full-time to the business. He had many jobs lined up and had no problem making the transition. He expanded to a 2000 sq. ft. facility in Plainfield, IL. At this facility there were many new changes to help the business grow and maintain the cutting edge quality FAST FORWARD WELDING, INC. is known for.

The investment was made. A new chassis jig, milling machines, engine lathes, numerous welding machines, tubing benders, plasma cutters and thousands of feet of tubing inventory are all just some of the new additions to the business.

When FAST FORWARD WELDING, INC. quotes a delivery time, you can be assured that you will not have to wait. They have always been accurate with their quoted completion dates. Due to the expert chassis building, many of their cars have broken records and won championships. Although they are known for building "door slammers," they build everything from top sportsman to Prostock. Rest assured, no matter what level of drag racing you are in, FAST FORWARD WELDING, INC. will build your car to the highest level of quality possible.

At FAST FORWARD WELDING, INC. we build high quality racecars, and are considered the premiere chassis builder in the Chicagoland area. Don't take our word for it, check out our Testimonial Page to read about just how satisfied their customers are.


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